Best Value

WithinReach - $89.95
Highest Quality

Humanscale - $279.00

Who Makes The Best Keyboard Tray Systems?

If you’ve already come to the conclusion that you want the best keyboard tray system you may now be wondering which one to buy. Chances are you have a specific budget in mind, so lets take a look into what you can get for what you want to spend. For the budget-conscious consumer there are a few good options. WithinReach offers two systems that are around $100; one that is the width of a standard keyboard with an attached articulating mouse tray, and a “big board” which utilizes a single tray design while providing enough usable surface area for both the keyboard and mouse. 3M and Kensington also make a few decent ergonomic keyboard tray systems in the same price range. The value brands give you a functioning product without breaking the bank. However, if quality is what you’re after than you’re going to need something a little better.

If you want a nice sturdy system made of high-quality, long-lasting materials than you’re going to have to spend more. For $250 to $300 one can attain a premium adjustable keyboard tray made by Humanscale or WorkRite, which will look nicer, last longer, and feel sturdier and more luxurious. These two brands have been making keyboard systems for a very long time and their products are immensely popular among the corporate world. This is largely due to the higher price of their items because a system like this would fare just as well in your home as it would at your office. At the time of this writing the best and most popular Humanscale keyboard tray system model is the 5G mechanism with the standard keyboard platform (model 900) and clip mouse tray (models 90 & 91).

WorkRite’s most popular system has been the banana board for many years, but they offer a great selection of keyboard platforms and mouse trays in various sizes and styles. WorkRite keyboard trays use a ball-bearing mounting track (with the standard Pinnacle 2 arm) which is the primary difference between their system and Humanscale’s. This small design touch results in smoother action when adjusting the system and greater ease of use. These brands also use different materials in their components but both are generally equal in quality.

Other mid-range brands that are also very good quality are ESI and Intellaspace. They both offer customized systems with a variety of platforms and arms to choose from.

The overall best-selling trays going into 2017 are the WithinReach 3000 Swivel Keyboard Tray and the Humanscale 100 Combo platform with 6G arm.