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What Is A Keyboard Tray?

A keyboard tray is a piece of ergonomic computer furniture that is designed to hold your keyboard and mouse and is generally used to move the location of such input devices, either moving to a fixed position or being on-the-fly adjustable. Keyboard trays attach to your desk or work surface and allow you to easily change the position of your keyboard and mouse so that it is safer and more comfortable to work on the computer. There is a wide variety of keyboard trays on the market but most of the popular systems attach to the underside of your desk or worksurface.

Each manufacturer and distributor may use different terminology to describe their products. Most often the keyboard tray names will include the words “ergonomic”, “adjustable”, “articulating”, “platform” and “system”. For the most part these words can all be used to describe the same thing. Some vendors sell the parts of these systems individually in which case you may find the terms “tray” and “platform” used to describe a single part of a complete system, so be sure to use your due diligence when shopping around.

“Ergonomic” is a term used to describe a product that is designed to help relieve discomfort and prevent serious long-term injuries related to daily computer use. Almost every keyboard tray system that is marketed as Ergonomic will bring the keyboard and mouse closer to the user and this allows their hands, arms and shoulders to be in a more relaxed, neutral typing posture.