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Wall Mount Keyboard Trays – Which Are Best?

At this point you’ve started your search for a new keyboard tray system and have probably realized how many options you now have to choose from. Well, if you are specifically looking for the best wall mount keyboard tray then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. We know all the ins and outs of computer keyboard trays and we’ve been selling them long enough to know which brands are the best, and which models are the most ergonomic and longest-lasting. When we make our recommendations for the top products we are basing them on years of experience which includes sales numbers as well as customer feedback & reviews, and defective/return rates.

With that said, Ergotron is the brand to choose for this type of system. The Ergotron LX wall mount keyboard tray is the most popular and best-selling wall-mount option by far. They are very well-known for their extensive line of LCD monitor arms and their keyboard arms are made of the same high-quality materials and same superior construction over the cheap, no-name items out there. The LX Keyboard Tray can be mounted to any wall and provides smooth vertical and side-to-side motion. It is designed to hold standard-sized computer keyboards and it features a slide-out mouse platform that can fit a variety of mousing devices. This system allows you to effortlessly adjust your input devices on-the-fly to the most comfortable typing position, while seated or standing up.

This model has other desired features as well. In its stored position this system folds to within 4.6″ of the wall, making it ideal for limited-clearance installations. It can fully extend to approximately 25.6″ from your wall and it allows for about 11.5″ of height adjustment. The tray also tilts back at a -5° angle to ensure proper, ergonomic data entry. Reducing tension in your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands is an excellent way to enhance your comfort while computing and increase your productivity. Another great bonus is that the built-in mouse tray slides out to the left or right side of the keyboard tray, accommodating a wider base of possible users. A good ergonomic practice you can try with this product is alternating the hand you mouse with when one begins to feel fatigue. It may take a short while to get used to but many people have reported decreased symptoms of muscle and/or joint pain after adopting this practice. A few other features include integrated cable management (to keep cumbersome cords out of the way) and a gel wrist rest. There’s also a 5-year warranty in the extremely rare case you receive a defective or improperly functioning unit.

All in all, Ergotron can be considered a high-end manufacturer to anyone’s standards. Their products are very well made, affordable, and sure to please even the most critical of aesthetic tastes (they have a cool, modern look). Give them a try today and we’re sure you will not be disappointed.