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Corner Keyboard Tray Systems

Finding an adjustable keyboard tray that fits a corner workstation can be a bit of a pain. When we say “corner” we are referring to a desk that is setup with the computer in a 90-degree or L-shaped corner. Most standard articulating keyboard trays will not fit in this type of area properly and if you try to make it work it will leave you very frustrated.

Luckily, there are many options that DO work. For a keyboard tray system to fit in a corner desk properly there is one extra part that is required – a “corner sleeve”. We will discuss the three main manufacturers who offer corner sleeve options with their systems. Other terms may be used to describe this extra part but they all basically mean the same thing. It’s an extra piece to the keyboard system that allows it to protrude from the desk an extra few inches to provide the clearance necessary for use in a corner workstation.

The Slimline Dual-Swivel Lever-Free Corner keyboard tray is a great system that is easy to install and is priced right. The unique feature with this system is that you can mount the keyboard arm off-center, under either side of an L-shaped corner workstation, and still position your tray in the middle of the corner. You do not need a corner sleeve with this model.

Another option is to buy a WorkRite keyboard tray system and add on the 179ACD corner sleeve option. The system is about $220 by itself and the sleeve is $50 extra. WorkRite makes VERY high quality keyboard trays and the specific model we are linking to has the corners of the tray cut off to further enhance the fit of the system. This product measures 28″ wide by 11.5″ deep and fits both the keyboard and mouse on one platform. With the addition of the corner sleeve this system will fit virtually any corner desk and will allow you to fully retract the tray underneath the work surface when not in use. So you can hide it when you’re not using it, and you can effortlessly pull it out to the perfect position for a corner application without the edges of the tray hitting your desk.

Humanscale also manufactures some amazing systems and they too offer a corner sleeve option that you can add on to any of their trays. The most popular Humanscale keyboard tray is their standard 900 platform with the Clip mouse option. They offer even more customization by offering five different corner sleeve options. You can find a sleeve to fit any width desk of any thickness. Like the WorkRite systems, Humanscale provides ones of the best solutions for a corner keyboard tray, it just costs a little bit more at about $280 for the basic system with the sleeves starting at $39.

A fourth option is to go with a system made by Intellaspace. They run about the same price as the WorkRite’s ($220 + $50) and they offer a variety of boards and mouse platforms. They call their add-on a “corner shaper” but it means the same thing as the other brands. Intellaspace makes really great products that customers always love and almost never return.